Thank you!!

Thank you so much for your support of the Community Cats!  The cats and kittens greatly appreciate all your help.


The Community Cats website is currently being completed so please check back for all the exciting content to come.


  • I would like an old school Christmas card if that’s alright with you. If not this is my email address. I’m one of those tactical people. I like to look thru old photo albums. I don’t have a website.
    Debbie Lehrman
    16225 N 29th Street Lot 9
    Phoenix, AZ 85032

    • Debbie –

      I am soooo sorry!! This was in my spam folder on my website and did not cross over to my email address. I had 2 people that did that to. I know it is after Christmas but I am putting a card in the mail to you tomorrow! I feel horrible about this. I do understand wanting an actual card because I am like that too. I have boxes and boxes of pictures and photo albums lol.

      I promise I will become better at the technical internet part and always look in the spam folder from now on!


  • Hi, this is Laura and I’d very much like for you to send me a card. My mailing address is; Laura King
    P.O. Box 2575
    Reidsville, North Carolina
    zip code; 27320

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