These are my cats.  I do not house them all and some even live in different states, but they are mine just the same.  I am sure the list will continue to grow with time and there are a couple that did not stay long enough for names and pictures, but all those are mine too.



The Kittens – Figaro, Grace and Baron
Found: October 24, 2017
DOB: September 23, 2017




Figaro, Grace and Baron were born outside to Cuddles in September 2017. Immediately on learning Cuddles had given birth, I started to panick. How was I supposed to leave kittens outside with all the danger? I knew nothing about kittens but soon learned there are many things that kittens need from a mother and decided to wait and watch, all the while trying to make things as safe as possible in the area and provide as much food as any cat can eat. The first sighting I had of the kittens was at 4 weeks old and my heart melted. There were 3 tiny fluffballs running and playing under the cars waiting for their mother to finish eating. Then the cold came. Our forecast called for a week of straight subfreezing temperatures and I knew I had to do something. I made all sorts of plans to catch momma and kittens but none were working. Cuddles was too smart for me and seemed to be able to read my mind. Then the black kitten stopped coming at dinner time and I really went into panic mode. I bought an animal trap and the smelliest cat food I could find and talked to all my neighbors letting them know that I was going to be trapping cats and kittens and please no one shoot me for trespassing. The first night, I set everything up and waited. Cuddles came to eat several times but never brought the kittens. I was upset but determined. The second night out, Cuddles brought her 2 babies to eat and I waited. I heard a loud snap and ran over to check. There in the trap was the sweetest little baby kitten who would later be named Figaro (Fig). I quickly brought Fig into the spare bedroom and placed him in a blanket filled box then went back out to reset the trap. It took 4 more nights of sitting through 20 degree temps and freezing rain before I was successful again. On the fifth night, I set the trap as usual and Cuddles came to eat but left her remaining kitten across the street under some cars. I decided to move the trap over by the car the kitten was playing under. By the time I had come back across the street, I heard the snap and quickly moved back over to get the trap. To my surprise and relief, inside were 2 kittens. They had all survived. I tried for the next 4 nights to trap, catch and trick Cuddles into the room with her kittens but was unsuccessful. The kittens have had a rough start in life, developing upper respiratory infections and a roundworm infestation in which Fig almost did not survive.  They then developed severe diarrhea and dehydration which was from a parasitic infection of coccidia. Today, however, they are the most playful, healthy, purring kittens.  All 3 have been socialized to humans, small dogs and are no longer scared of the sound of a washing machine. I have started the adoption process and they will be ready to be placed into a loving home when found at the beginning of February 2018.




Found: October 13, 2017
Approximate DOB: Summer 2016



I was outside at night checking on the feeding station when I heard very loud, fast meows coming from across the street. As I was walking over to check, this petite, beautiful tortie cat runs over meowing and rubbing all over my legs. I picked her up and carried her to the porch to give her some food. After she finished eating, she climbed into my lap and started purring. I started scouring Lost and Found pages and posting her picture on social media but nothing and it was getting very late. Not knowing what else to do, I brought her into my bathroom. It was a very long night. She did not want me out of her sight and was very vocal when unhappy. The next morning, I took Honey to my vet’s office to have her scanned for a microchip. There was not one and Honey was very dehydrated. I left her at the vet’s to get fluids and came home to figure out my next steps in finding Honey’s owners or a new home. About a half hour after I had dropped her off, one of the vet tech’s called telling me that Honey was the sweetest, most beautiful cat and would I mind if she fostered Honey while we looked for her owners. Of course, I agreed. We never found Honey’s original owners but she does have a wonderful, new family that spoils her and even brings her to work some days.




First Sighting: September 2017
Age Unknown




I first saw Storm on my night vision camera that I keep on the feeding area. He became a regular night customer quickly and rarely misses a meal. I believe that he is a stray because he allows me to sit with him while he eats and will alert me with soft meows or death stares if there is no wet food available. He will wait in his spot until I go inside for a refill and immediately begin eating after I sit back down. I have searched Lost and Found and posted him on various sites and shelters but no one has come forward to claim him. Storm is a long-haired black cat with a short tail which to my surprise he keeps himself immaculately groomed. I often wonder if he is an inside/outside cat from somewhere close by but no one I have asked seems to know.



First Sighting: February 2017
Age Unknown



I began to see Darkness in the neighborhood around February 2017, but always just at night. I don’t know where he came from or exactly how long he had been here but I suspect he moved in when One Ear moved out. He is a very striking black cat with a long lean body and extra long tail. Darkness is also the biggest cat I have ever seen in real life. I am not sure when he began taking his evening meals with us but comes most nights around 10 pm and does several more sweeping checks after midnight. Darkness will allow me to sit with him while he eats as long as I stay at least 6 feet away. He is very laid back and will not fight unless cornered. You can often see him and Cuddles together playing and napping across the street. Darkness is the father of Figaro, Grace and Baron.




First Sighted: December 2016
Approximate DOB: Fall 2013



SheRa was part of the neighborhood when I moved here but was never seen out during the day.  I would catch glimpses of her every now and then investigating the backyard where I was still feeding Genji and the other cats.   After One Ear went to his new home, I moved the feeding station to the corner on the side of the house in front for everyone except Genji, in order to keep him safer.  That is when SheRa became a regular. I thought she was a male and a senior cat because her fur was long and unkempt and she was rather cranky.  She would not eat unless I was inside for the first month or two but eventually warmed up enough to let me sit close, but not too close, while she ate. One night after she ate, she ran to her spot under a truck across the street to start grooming as per usual but then she did something different.   She walked to the end of the driveway and sat down and stared at me.  I slowly began talking to her and inching my way closer while sitting on the ground.  When I got too close she immediately stood up and I would back away.  We continued this way for several weeks and I was able to get closer and closer and even stand up a few times. She then started coming to eat earlier and earlier until she was coming about 30 minutes before dark.  It became such a routine that I began to feed her separately on the bench where I usually sat and would stand about 6 feet away talking to her while she ate.  She began to groom herself on the bench after and hang around until Cuddles came to eat.  By the middle of Summer 2017, she had gotten quite used to me and started to vocalize and rub against my legs.  She was starting to hang out in the carport with Scorch even though the two never interacted.  I believe they had come to an understanding way before SheRa and I interacted. SheRa was the Queen of the neighborhood and it was quite apparent. (At the time, I thought she was King still). Around the beginning of July, we had a severe thunderstorm with tornadoes in the area and I decided to try to bring SheRa into the house.  I put all the other animals into the bedroom and opened the front door.  SheRa would come to the door and sniff but not come inside.  I was so worried about leaving her on the carport that I quickly picked her up and dumped her in the kitchen.  She smelled everything all over the house and actually took a nap but as soon as the storm was over she let me know quite loudly that it was time for her to go back out.  On August 1, 2017, I was driving to the grocery store when I heard a soft meow.  I panicked because I just knew there was a cat in the engine and immediately pulled over.  As I was getting out, I saw a little face staring at me from the back seat.  SheRa had somehow gotten into the car and was taking a nap.  It was 10:30 am.  I had never seen SheRa out during the day except for the 30 minutes before dark and she was starting to get agitated.  I quickly turned around and headed home.  She was so upset by the time we got home she would not get out of the car.  I finally decided to pry her loose and brought her into the spare bedroom.  SheRa has never spent another night outside and still hates riding in the car.  



Found:  December 2016
Approximate DOB: May 2016



I was sitting on the back patio in a thunderstorm trying to calm Genji when I heard a very loud cheeping noise. Genji went into hiding in his shelter and I went searching. I made it into the carport when I felt something pulling at my jeans. I looked down and there was a tiny black and gold kitten climbing up my pants cheeping and purring. I was stunned. After a lot of trial and error, I got her settled into a box with blanket warmed from the dryer on the back patio with Genji. She lived on the patio with Genji for 5 days while I searched for her owner. On day 6, the temperatures dropped below freezing and I brought her into the bathroom then a few days later into the spare bedroom. My daughter came home from college a week after Lagertha’s move inside and fell instantly in love. The feeling was mutual so it was off to the vet for shots and spaying. Lagertha is now happily the Queen of her own household but visits a couple times a year to play with Genji.



First Sighted:  October 2016
Age Unknown



I first noticed Cuddles one night while sitting on the patio with Genji. I heard the fence rattle and then saw a small black and white lump huddled against the house. When I went to investigate, she took off back over the fence and I realized she was a cat. About an hour later, I heard the fence rattle again and turned to see her perched on top watching. We sat like this for a little while until it finally dawned on me that she was hungry. Not knowing what else to do, I quietly went inside and started peeking through the glass door. After about 5 minutes, Cuddles hopped up on the table and rapidly devoured all of Genji’s food then left just as fast. This became a routine and I started putting out her own bowl. Cuddles would patiently wait by the fence for me to go inside and then would rush to eat, quickly disappearing after the bowl was empty. She still rarely misses a nightly feeding and will wait patiently for all humans and other cats to leave for as long as it takes before she will eat her food. Cuddles loves to spend time with Darkness and is the mother of Figaro, Grace and Baron.  To this day, I have never heard her voice or gotten within 10 feet of her.



One Ear
First Sighted:  September 2, 2016
Approximate DOB: June 2013


One Ear was known in the neighborhood as the “bully”. No one was sure where he came from or how long he had been here and he was hated not only by the cats but also by the humans. One morning when I was feeding Genji breakfast, Genji freaked out and ran into his shelter. When I looked over, I saw One Ear sitting by the fence. I am ashamed to say when I first started taking care of Genji, I made it a point to always squirt One Ear with a water bottle whenever he would get near my fence. This time was no different and I ran to get the bottle. As I neared One Ear, I noticed his face was covered in blood. I got about 5 feet from him and sat on the ground. Eventually, he walked over to me just out of reach and laid down. I could see a hole in his cheek and tell that he was exhausted. After calling the vet and explaining the situation, he had me come pick up a liquid antibiotic and a topical wash for the wound. When I got home, One Ear was asleep on a patio chair and Genji was in a bush at the far end of the backyard. Not knowing what else to do, I made One Ear some food mixed with the antibiotic and filled a turkey baster with the wash. He immediately started eating and I got as close as I could and squirted him with the wash. He was not happy but was too hungry to protest much. After he finished eating, he hopped the fence and walked off. It took me over an hour to convince Genji the coast was clear. The next morning when I woke up, One Ear was once again asleep on the chair and Genji was under the bush. I fed him his antibiotic and squirted him with wash but this time he stayed until dusk. This went on for about a week. Genji was irritable and I was a nervous wreck not knowing what to do. Over the next couple weeks, I grew hopeful because One Ear was allowing me near him and would sometimes brush my leg. Genji would come up from the bush as long as I was outside and progress seemed to be moving forward. I then started noticing a problem. The more One Ear and I would interact the meaner he was getting toward Genji. I finally knew I had to do something when I woke up to One Ear on the patio chair and Genji nowhere to be found. I was frantic because Genji had never been absent in the morning. Finally, Genji came to the fence in the early afternoon and as I was going to see him, One Ear shot past me and swiped at Genji who immediately ran off again. I knew I had to find a home for One Ear immediately. On November 24, 2016 One Ear went to his forever home and after a brief settling in period became a very happy and loved inside only cat.




First Sighting: Summer 2016
Approximate DOB: March 2016





Scorch was found in the neighborhood around the same time as Genji and taken in by a family at the end of the block. He was kicked out of the house sometime in the middle of the summer for eating the family pet rabbit. They did continue to feed him outside whenever he would show up but he quickly took to roaming and marking territory everywhere he could and would be seen sometimes up to a mile away. One Ear did not allow Scorch into our territory and I rarely saw him until Spring 2017. I am not sure why but starting that Spring, Scorch started showing up during the day looking for food. He is a very vocal and loving cat to humans and would sit outside the door meowing until he was fed. That same Spring was when he started fighting. At least once a week, Scorch would show up with a new injury that would be bleeding, cut or torn. He also developed a really bad cold in Summer of 2017 and barely left my carport. I talked with his owners several times but they were not responsive so I kept feeding him and doctoring his wounds as best I could. After his cold cleared up, he was here to stay. The only problem was he would not allow any cat anywhere near the carport and would often wait at the feeding station and ambush the other cats. Over time, I did manage to teach him that was unacceptable but then he would move across the street and wait for them to finish. He would try to fight them as they were going back to their shelters. Luckily, Scorch was not very fast and the other cats managed to outrun him most of the time. Finally in the Winter of 2017, I talked to his original owners and told them I wasgoing to find Scorch a family where he could live inside before something awful happened to him.  On January 3, 2018, Scorch went to his new forever home where he is an only pet and loved by all.



First Sighted: June 2016
Approximate DOB: March 2013




Princess and I had a very rocky start. She was actually the first cat I ever encountered in the neighborhood. I bought the house in June and it needed lots of work before moving in. I went to clean out the shed in the backyard and out comes flying this white cat. I was under the impression that I hated cats at the time and that they were pests so I chased her out of the backyard. This happened several more times before Princess just stopped entering the property all together. After I had found Genji and began to take care of him, I noticed Princess would come around every so often just outside of the yard. I was so ashamed of myself but Princess was not ready to forgive me. It wasn’t until after One Ear went to his new home that Princess gave me another chance. She had moved over a couple streets and had begun eating and sleeping at a neighbor’s house who already was feeding 5 outdoor cats in his backyard that he had raised from babies. One afternoon, I was checking on the new feeding station I had set up and there was Princess having a snack. I sat with her while she was eating and she watched me for awhile after she finished and that was that. She graciously forgave me and now shares her time between houses. Princess takes her main meals at the neighbors, snacks during the day at my feeding station, sleeps in the backyard shed most nights and takes naps in Scorch’s old shelter area most days.



Found: June 2016
Approximate DOB: February 2016



Genji was found under my neighbor’s shed by the dogs. I had never owned or taken care of a cat before that day and was positive that all cats were evil creatures.  Something pulled at my heart and I decided to try to feed him.  I fed him dog food and then cat food for almost 2 weeks before I got a peek at his face. He was starving, filthy and scared. It took another month of slowly moving his food to get him into my shed inside a fenced in backyard. By September 2016, he was living and eating on the patio every single day. Genji let me pick him up for the first time in November and would often nap in my arms. Our first snow of the winter happened in December and I was finally able to coax Genji inside for a couple hours every night to warm up. It was a long winter of sitting outside in blankets with a portable heater, many times until 2 am, but we survived. On February 21, 2017, Genji was placed in a carrier for the first time, taken to the vet where he received his shots, medicine for ear mites and was neutered. He has never spent another night outside.