Bringing Home New Cat/Kitten Supplies List

Adopting a new cat or kitten can be very exciting.  You and your new feline family member are about to embark on a rewarding journey full of love and excitement. In order to ensure you both a smooth transition into this new life, you will need a few supplies.  I have compiled a list below of items with links to some of my cats favorite products that will cover all of your cats needs and make your new loved one’s integration fun and easy.

Food – Wet and Dry –,

Treats –,

Food/Water Dishes –

Litter/Scooper –

Litter Box –

Carrier –,

Brush –

Bedding –  (best beds ever)

Scratching Post/Pad –,

Stimulation Toys –

Cat tree or climber – (cat), (kitten) 

Optional but Fun Supplies:

Cat Grass –

Enrichment –,

Cubes/Shelters –,

Catnip –






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