In May 2016, I moved into a new home out in the “country”. There were several surprising changes but one of the biggest was all the cats. I encountered my first feral kitten in June 2016 when my two small dogs would not stop barking at my neighbors shed. When I finally shined a flashlight underneath it, I was surprised to see a really small kitten face. I didn’t know anything about cats at the time and left some dog food at the entrance to the hole under the shed because no amount of coaxing would make this kitten budge. For the next several days, I left more food and kept watch from a distance. Eventually a tiny, filthy kitten appeared and with a little work, patience and a lot of love, we have been together ever since.

My goal is to share what I have learned in my journey of loving, socializing and being a caregiver to any and all feral cats that come my way.  I want to show the world how exceptional feral cats are and how a little love and patience can change not only their world, but yours too.